November 3 rd


November 3, 2010

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Well, Rene’ was very well behaved for her hoof trim. Windy was terrified of the trimmer (men) and tried to bite him and pull away. We tried some acepromazine and she became worse. He was able to hold them both so I could vaccinate them. It looks like I will have to keep Windy penned up and work on her daily, trimming little by little and hopefully getting more cooperation in time.

Rene’s winter coat is coming in very curly- so she has some Bashkir Curly genes, I suppose. It is very attractive.

The doggie door is not going to work- most of the dogs are still fearful after 5 days. I ordered a differnet one, more like the old one, but better quality and will return the crashingly loud and heavy model. Only Carson, the L.A. street dog was OK with it. He’s  one tough guy!

Carson rolling after his bath

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  1. Marcia Hatt says:

    Carson rocks, as do you. 🙂 Sorry things aren’t going more smoothly… I bet a lot of those doors get returned, didn’t they do product testing? Jeesh.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    The guy who makes them swears they are OK, but I found comments to the contrary by Googling. Plus, our wind one day was sucking it open.The wind is stronger than big dogs! I wrote to the supplier it came from re: returning it and ordered a different door with better reviews.

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