December 7 th


New art, morning play and beautiful sunrise

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Sue Steiner has put another great painting up on eBay to benefit us. Please take a look and place a bid!

Patty only had a little swelling on her face today, but was chasing flies. I am worried about next spring, as we have a lot of desert honeybees around here. I may need to make her wear a beekeeper’s hat!

I walked 4 sets of dogs this morning and trimmed Raven’s hooves. Then, our 2 new dog cots were delivered and I assembled one of them. We love the Coolaroo cots- reasonably priced, easy to clean and the dogs really like them. We get ours from Jeffers.

We had a great sunrise while I was feeding the horses and I got some pictures of the dogs waiting for me to come back up to the house to feed them. They all love to run and play during that time.


morning play

hurry back, we're hungry!

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