December 24 th


Tashi’s ear tumor

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Tashi (left) and Annie

Tashi, who went to live with our old friend Jan last June, has always had a problem with her right ear since we rescued her in June 2009. The canal was very tight. We were constantly treating an infection. Jan continued with ear drops, but the problem got worse. Recently, her face blew up on that side and she had surgery to drain an abscess, which everyone attributed to a possible cat scratch.

Last week, she had drainage from that side of her face. The vet X rayed but saw nothing. Jan and he decided to let him do an aural resection on the right ear to open up the canal and prevent further infection. Much to the vet’s surprise,  Tashi had a tumor growing in there, slowly closing off the canal. He removed it and removed cartilage flaps, leaving her with an open ear canal. She is doing well. “Tashi” is Tibetan for “good fortune”. She is lucky to have Jan.

We want to thank Jan for caring for Tashi and spending quite a lot of money to get her the care she needed. We hope this will be the last of her ear problems.

Tashi enjoying her new life with Jan

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  1. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Sue. Merry Christmas!

  2. Sue Steiner says:

    I feel connected to Tashi ever since I painted her…. I am glad to hear the surgery went well. Here’s hoping for continued good health!

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