January 26 th


Zeolite animal detox update

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The 7 horses, 2 burros and 10 dogs have all been on zeolite powder for 3-4 weeks. Only one animal is unchanged- Mocha. She has been in this non-toxic home since she was 6 weeks old, conservatively vaccinated and not ever treated with pesticides.

EVERY other animal is livelier and happier. Liza and Missy have personalities emerging. Liza and Rainy are more out-going. Tara  and Carson (both with IBD) are playing more and are more active.

Tonka and Kola are much more alert and active. Tonka has gone from almost acting retarded  to acting like a normal horse. Kola is trotting on her own. All 9 equines are more alert and playing more.

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Tonka & Rene'

Carson singing for his breakfast

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