March 19 th


Exciting day- new senior rescue and rare carousel horse

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I saw a 13 year old terrier on our local shelter’s website the other night. The poor dog’s owner had died and the family took little “Lady” to our shelter, which has a high kill rate. They are a very caring shelter, but the irresponsible people in this county keep dumping dogs and cats there. I cannot believe that this is how people “honor” their deceased relatives, but it seems to be a common thing. Well, Lady had already been there 9 days. Our VP, Bonnie, went to the shelter today to get Lady and she is now resting comfortably and safely tonight. She was sneezing and has gingivitis. The bacteria from her mouth probably are affecting her nasal  passages and sinuses. We have started treating her gums and she is on a course of antibiotics. She is very sweet and is good with adults, children and cats. It is hard to believe no one found her a new home.


I  sent a Tobin Fraley carousel music box/horse to Sue Steiner to add to our eBay page. I had gotten it as a gift in the late 1980’s. Well, much to our surprise, it is a rare one! We are very grateful to Sue for doing her research.

Sue says,

Note the number on the bottom of the piece  8480  This indicates this piece had a firing of only 21 days and the mold was destroyed after that.  This is being auctioned off for a horse rescue whose founder is the original owner.  She is in need of funds for her rescue.  75% of the funds from this sale will go to her.
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