May 7 th


Call of the wild

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It was quite a shock to walk outside at 6 AM today to find 10 year old Tara devouring a desert cottontail rabbit.  Only the hips and hind legs were left, Tara’s feet were bloody and she was looking very self-satisfied. Yuck!

The rabbits are small enough to squeeze through the chain link fence, but how she caught one is beyond me. There is a possibility one of the younger, faster dogs caught it and Tara took it away from them. At any rate, she sure did not want her breakfast today and I will have to watch her for tapeworms in the near future.

Tara smiling

I just finished reading Dr. Jean Dodds’ excellent new book, “The Canine Thyroid Epidemic”. Millions of dogs are undiagnosed low thyroid, often resulting in a myriad of health and behavioral problems. I just got a message from a Facebook friend this morning thanking me for recommending she send her dog’s blood to Hemopet (Dr. Dodds’ lab). He had been shy and fearful. He starts thyroxine today and I am sure they will see amazing improvement in his behavior.

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