June 29 th


Marcus off to find his family & Pete arrives

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Yesterday, I met my new friend Billie in town to hand Marcus over to her. Marcus had sat at our local shelter for 7 weeks and was out of time a week ago. I had networked him while he was there, but it was hard, with only one picture and no real description of him to send to people. I had told the shelter to put JERAS as “last resort”. After just a few days here, he won my heart and was loved by our permanent resident dogs (except for Carson). Marcus shared Bear’s yard and Bear’s part of the kitchen. He was sweet, funny, playful and full of joy. However, we are at our limit and I knew Marcus must move on to a permanent home. I posted good photos and video of him and told about what a wonderful little boy he is. Within 5 days, he had offers  from a rescue in Wisconsin and two in Az. One of them, Az. Small Dog Rescue in Glendale, looked wonderful and we thought they would find him the right family. Because we are so remote, he has a much better chance of finding his family sooner by going there. Marcus spent the night with Billie’s Mom and got lots of lap time. Today, Billie, who was traveling to Phoenix, took Marcus to Az. SDR. I miss him terribly and pray he gets the home he deserves.


We also met the transporter bringing Pete here from Texas. Pete was about to be PTS last week after spending a month with no one adopting him. I thought he might be part basenji, a breed I have been involved with for 35 years. A basenji person went to see him and thought he was part-bred. When Pete’s time was down to the wire and no one had saved him, we offered to foster him if someone would help get him here. A new Fb friend Kay stepped in as his sponsor. After getting acquainted with him, she calls him Pistol Pete! Well, it ends up Pete was also coming down with kennel cough. The shelter sent him with meds and Kay boarded him a few days until he was well enough to travel. I have him in my bedroom here, keeping him away from the other dogs. The funny thing is, I believe he is all terrier- Boston terrier and perhaps min pin or toy fox terrier mixed in. His classic Boston terrier brindle coat and white markings can sometimes be found in basenjis, too. He is only 14 pounds and a real cutie, so it really does not matter, except I had planned to network him to my many basenji contacts and now I must find a new plan. He still needs another vaccination and to be neutered. Since research shows there is added danger in doing vaccinations and/or surgery too close together, Pete will be vaccinated in a few weeks and neutered 3 weeks after that. He will then be ready to go to a new home.


Tessie is now in Phoenix with Keith, and has been spayed and is on Petfinder. We also wish her well, as she had spent a month here recovering from the illness which had her slated to be PTS at the shelter before we stepped in.

Tessie at Keith's


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