September 28 th


JERAS Daily Diary Sept. 27

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Busy day, doing all the regular chores, plus going for the mail which takes an hour. I took bits and pieces if video throughout the day and will add it here when it is finished uploading to Youtube.

Carson is still feeling pretty well, it is always a challenge managing his adrenal disease and meds when he is so easily stressed by so many things. He is such a happy character when he feels well, but tends to be a control freak and stresses himself.

The dogs think the new yard is a lot of fun, they come back into the house all nice & tired out. Shyla is behaving so well after two days on saccharomyces boullardii which is apparently killing off bad gut pathogens which were affecting her behavior. She is even playing fetch with me at night.

Our friend Deb Gulley created a Stay Classy page to help with our hay funds drive. Thank you Debbie!

We will be randomly selecting donors to our hay funds drive and they will receive gifts of collectibles and art work. We have 3 Arabian horse plates that will be just a few things given away at the end of October. Susan Monty is donating matted prints of her portraits of JERAS horses and we will put up packages of our greeting cards. I will add as many things as I can come up with so that there will be a lot of donors who will receive something. Our goal is to raise $3500 to get us through March.

two of the collectible plates


We want to thank all the wonderful people we know who have been in Washington D.C. rallying and lobbying on behalf of America’s horses. They are bringing awareness to the issues of wild horse roundups and horse slaughter. Debbie Gulley’s 2 daughters are among them.

I will come back to add the Youtube link if it ever completes uploading.





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