October 14 th


JERAS Diary Oct. 14. first ride, another rattler

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This morning, after all the feeding chores, taking a walk with the dogs, picking up the yards and going through a few emails, I decided it was time to try Flash out. He has gained all the weight he needed and his hoof infections are almost totally cured and his hooves are in much healthier shape after about 6 trims. Some riding will help him grow better, healthier feet more quickly, as movement is necessary to rehabilitate hooves.

I am still in a lot of Lyme Herx and every joint and muscle hurts, so I said a prayer for him to behave. I brought him out to groom him and tack him up. I gave him a few hay cubes with calming flower essences sprayed on them, just for good luck. He was very quiet through it all. I used the very lightweight old Wintec dressage saddle, with a thick Kodel pad and padded girth. I donned my Troxel helmet and new protective riding vest. It is pretty heavy and thick and  hot on a day like today, but it beats broken ribs or having my spinal hardware possibly snap if I landed hard enough from a fall. I used our Bitless Bridle, which I got > 10 years ago and just love.

I took Flash back to his 2 acre paddock, locking nosy Kola into the small pen to keep her out of the way. I took a pail to use as a mounting block. He stood perfectly still and was not at all bothered when I mounted. I had been told his “steering” needed work and that he was a bit barn sour, both turned out to be true. He really needs schooling “on the rail” to teach him to travel in a straight line and he needs work on his turning, but I found him to be very willing and quick to catch on to rein and leg aids. The people who owned him from 2008- early 2011 said he was “lazy” and reluctant to go faster than a walk. That is no longer true. He trotted out willingly for me. He arrived here with hoof infections and overgrown feet which were also very distorted from years of improper trimming. It is no wonder he did not want to move- his feet probably hurt for years. After about 20 minutes, we called it a day, but not before Jovita decided to trot after us as we traversed the paddock. She was very curious about it all.



This afternoon, it’s back to the hay funds drive, emails, Facebook, paperwork…

Check out the great gifts some donors will receive!


2 Equi-Spirit Balls will be given away! Thank you, Lisa Ross-Williams & Kenny Williams!


Phew! Just fed the dogs at 3 PM in their respective eating areas and Bear started carrying on, then Liza, then I heard the rattlesnake.  Unsure of which yard it was in, I scrambled to get dogs in the house and the small pen and then found it. #5 for this year, the 4th one in the yard and close to the house.

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  1. Jeannie Parisi says:

    That is great that Flash was so good..I am so happy he is so giving and I bet your going to enjoy all that bonding. You now need a tri-pod…..for the vid camera so we can see you riding flash, that would be great, eh?

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    thanks! I can set it on a post, as long as the others don’t eat it! He really likes me more than the other horses…he is a strange guy but lovable!

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