October 18 th


JERAS Diary Oct. 18/vet visit

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This morning, our veterinarian and his technician came out to draw blood from 9 dogs to send to Hemopet for  thyroid levels to be checked and also CBC’s and serum chemistries for Tara and Carson, 2 of the older dogs. We will see if Carson is on the correct dosage of Florinef for his adrenals, depending on his serum electrolytes. I had to get up at 4:45 AM to pill the dogs, as the blood needs to be drawn 4-6 hours post pill. The dogs thought I was crazy, but we all got to go back to bed for another hour afterwards.

Dr.Waldron did a soundness exam on Raven and feels he is OK despite his moving a bit funny. He  thinks I need to trim him a little differently and recommends I back up his toes a little, which I will do in a day or two.

Carson had to have a tranquilizer before they arrived and I had to put my homemade chicken wire “cage” over his head, because a muzzle is no match for him. He was pretty good for the  blood draw and a toe nail trim. It is not his fault someone abused him in the past and caused him to be so defensive. He is really scared, and snapping is his way of trying to protect himself. He has been snoozing all day now.

Rainy, Mocha and Maggie were well-behaved and Shyla, Liza, Missy, Bear and Tara acted  crazy,…..but they are not used to strangers and are either scared or overly exhuberant with the vet. (My crazy spell check does not know “exhuberant” is a word…shame on Apple!). Bear and Missy were very excited to see the men, barking and jumping up & down. Missy also needed a rabies vaccination. Bear fell in love with Frank, the vet tech.

Then Dr. Waldron had to look over the premises and horses for the many pages of the Equine License renewal form.

After they got back to the hospital, they separated the blood for the serum samples and packed it in the box I sent and our board member, Shauna Davis, was kind enough to run over there and get the box to the Post Office in time for it to reach the lab in Ca. tomorrow. Thank you, Shauna!

I took all the dogs, except Carson, out to play afterwards. I still need to add today’s info to all the animals’ charts.I’m a little hung over from the muscle relaxant I took last night after Shyla knocked me down yesterday and between that and getting up early and stressing over handling Carson safely, I am a bit pooped. Despite wearing my respirator and taking 10 mg. of prednisone, I have somewhat of a chemical brain reaction going on, too. That is the price I pay for being near people with “ordinary”, man-made chemicals on their bodies & clothing. I am happy it went OK and that we are good for another year, except for small things that may come up.

Later, I will get to about 300 emails that came in. I also ordered some nice photo mats to put the photos Monica gave us in as gifts for some hay fund donors at the end of the hay drive this month. I really love this one!

Monica Wilson's rendition of "Kola"


There is a part 2 installment of the interview with the former kill buyer. If you want to TRUTH about horse slaughter, you need to see it….but it is not for the faint-hearted. Anyone who approves of horse slaughter must be a sociopath, in our opinion. It never was and never will be “humane”. This man describes US Government contracts to ship wild horses to slaughter, thoroughbreds, sick horses, injured horses……..absolutely horrible treatment of American horses shipping to American slaughterhouses in the past. There are now those who are clamoring to reopen our slaughterhouses….they are greedy people with no consciences. Please urge your Reps in Washington to support  the new bills which will ban slaughter forever: S 1176 and HR 2966. You can reach them at (202) 225-3121.


Observations and Opinions of a Horse Killer (Part 1)



Observations and Opinions of a Horse Killer (Part 2)









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