November 18 th


Burros in need want to move to JERAS

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This was posted by our friend Dorothea Lotter on Facebook:

“These are the two BLM jennies that we recently rescued from Southwest Livestock Auction in Los Lunas, NM. Just like the other four BLM burros that we rescued in August from roping practice, these are sale authority animals, which means that they are either more than 10 yrs old or have passed 3 unsuccessful attempts by the BLM to adopt them out. Like the four sale authority jacks we rescued earlier, these two jennies did not end up in a good situation. They’re untamed, their hooves are overgrown, and they may have been roped. At least one of them is pregnant.

We are looking for a generous sponsor to cover their hay expenses; this would amount to $40 each per month. We have a good place for them at a small sanctuary in Kingman, Arizona, if we can just find a sponsor willing to sign an agreement to “virtually adopt” the and pay for their hay. All of their other needs will be taken care of at the sanctuary. If you’re interested in helping these two jennies please contact me. We strive to find forever homes for all untamed wild burros that resemble their natural habitat as closely as possible.”

We can give them a safe and happy home and the rehab and gentling they require. One has someone offering to “virtually adopt”/sponsor her. We are looking for another committed person(s) to pledge $40 a month to provide hay for the other one. Thank you. Please share.
Burros in need
Our Serena, adopted from BLM in 2004, had been abused/used for roping by our local BLM employees. It was caught on tape. She arrived pregnant and with a back injury. She is still very cautious and requires very sensitive and gentle handling. It is an outrage that anyone treats these sweet, gentle animals in this manner. It is blatant animal abuse.

Serena, our first burro, with 2 day old Jovita Oct. 2004

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