November 8 th


Vaccine reaction possible

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After exercising the dogs this morning, I decided to vaccinate 4 of the horses for tetanus. We only give tetanus and only every 3 years, as I am very concerned about vaccine damage.

I decided to do Scout, Raven, Kola and Rusty. I was unsure of the vaccination history for Raven or Rusty, but knew it had been over a year at least since they might have had any. I got Rusty out, gave his feet a mustang roll and shortened the bars, then vaccinated him. I had something happen which never happened before. The hub of the needle was not tightly fit onto the syringe and I lost about 1/3-1/2 of the dose when it leaked and dripped to the ground. As Lisa Ross-Williams said later today, “Sometimes the Universe takes care of us”. I then trimmed Raven’s feet, cleaned and sprayed the other horses’ feet and vaccinated Scout, Raven and Kola. It was then time to feed them lunch. I put out 8 flakes of Bermuda hay. That is when Rusty started to roll.He then lied down as if he were dying. It had been about 40 minutes since he was vaccinated. Usually anaphylactic reactions happen much sooner, so I am not sure what was happening. I called my vet who thought he may be colicking  due to the weather changes. His gum color was OK and his respiration was normal. I did not want to give epinephrine unless it was as a last resort. My vet had a 2 hour meeting and said he’d come after that if needed. Rusty was up and down, but not rolling anymore. He definitely had abdominal pain, was looking at his belly and grinding his teeth. I gave him Thuja…then some Jernigan Neuro Antitox CNS-PNS awhile after that. I knew it could not hurt, and maybe it would help in some way. Within 10 minutes of the Antitox, he was up and standing around, then, found and ate a hay cube. He passed 6 piles of manure in less than 2 hours, so I knew he was not impacted, but seemed to be trying to rid himself of a toxin. I spoke to Lisa Ross-Williams who told me to give a dose of Ledum, which I did. Shortly after that, Rusty was looking even better and looking for hay to eat. By the time my vet was available, 3 hours after I first called him, it looked like we would be OK without veterinary help.

In my heart and gut, I feel it was a vaccine reaction, because it came on so fast and responded to homeopathic vaccinosis remedies and Antitox. Of course, I can’t prove it. Thank goodness he did not even get a full dose! At 6 PM he was eagerly eating his dinner. I pretty much lost a day, and the computer and emails will have to wait until tomorrow.

Never a dull moment at Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary!

Flash late August, before gaining the rest of his weight


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