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Journey’s End Ranch Dec.1, 2011 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch hopes all our friends and supporters had a nice Thanksgiving. I spent a good part of mine finishing construction of a new burro shelter.

I used corral panels and some other materials we had lying around for 8 years, so only had to purchase the lumber and roof panels- total cost $215.

Early in November, Journey’s End Ranch took in a teenage formerly wild burro from a local friend. Pepito likes to dig holes and Mary’s husband has had several orthopedic surgeries, so she was afraid he would fall into a hole. They had only had him 6 months. The person who had him for a year prior to that did not like his digging, either.

Journey’s End Ranch’s new burrito!

We were asked to take in two BLM jennies who were rescued from slaughter by a New Mexico donkey rescue. Both are traumatized and had been used for roping practice. One or both are pregnant and their feet had been badly neglected. We agreed, as long as both could find sponsors to cover their hay costs. Luckily, they both now have sponsors. The girls will travel as soon as possible, after being gentled a bit and having hoof trims.

Burros soon to arrive at Journey’s End Ranch

I just finished electric fencing of 3/4 acre for the burros.  Georgette Topakas of Zephyr’s Garden (natural horse care products) challenged us to a Facebook “like” venture and said they would donate 50 cents for each new “like” their page and our page received, up go $250. It took 5 days, but all the JERAS fans really did a great job of posting and inviting their friends to like both pages. Thank you all- great team work! We will now have the money to fence in another 2+ acres for the burros. I will do that within a few weeks.

We are now affiliated with Benefit Wines.  Check out their great wine which also helps us!

Journey’s End Ranch Benefit Wines

We are greatly honored that Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary was featured in Dr. Viktor Reinhardt’s new book, “Home For Life, Sanctuaries for Abandoned Pets”.

Dr.Viktor Reinhardt’s new book featuring Journey’s End Ranch

Big, big news for Journey’s End Ranch! We have made it into the running for the Pepsi Refresh Challenge! If we won a grant, we would do more fencing, add a few shelters and a hay storage building and help more animals, perhaps fostering at-risk animals until a new home could be found.

Please vote for us and share the link. This would be an ENORMOUS help and blessing!

“Fence additional acreage and build more shelters to save local animals”



.Some bad news, the new national budget was passed without the de-funding of horse slaughter inspectors clause which had caused American slaughter houses to close in 2007. Now, the door is open to once again butchering American horses here. For more info about slaughter, visit our webpage.

We urge everyone to contact their Reps in Washington (202) 225-3121 and ask them to co-sponsor and support these 2 bills:  S 1176 and HR 2966.

Feed prices continue to rise and we are always in need of funds to keep up with the costs of caring for 22 (soon to be 24) animals. Thank you for your support and please share our website with your friends and family.

Holiday Greetings from Journey’s End Ranch



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