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JERAS Newsletter Jan. 2, 2012

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I just wanted to write a quick newsletter to cover our accomplishments in 2011 and our hopes for 2012.

Once again, we want to thank our friends & supporters for enabling us to continue our work of providing a safe haven for 22 sanctuary animals and also helping to save, foster, network and find homes for other animals at risk.

We are currently in the grant application process for the Pepsi Refresh Challenge grant. Your votes brought us in at 5th place which is very thrilling and humbling, too. We are thankful you have come to know us through our work and that you are confident in our ability to continue making a difference in the lives of animals. This grant would enable us to add shelters and fencing and help more animals in 2012.

In 2011, we provided a home for 7 horses, 3 burros, 10 dogs, a mini pig and a Barbados ram. We are now awaiting the arrival of 2 more jennies. They were formerly wild and were rescued from abuse by a donkey rescue in New Mexico who asked us to give them a home where they can finally be at peace. One is pregnant.

We unfortunately had to put one horse to sleep because of progressive brain damage from an injury he received before joining us. He at least got to live his last 16 months in relative freedom in the desert with a group of other mustangs, after having served his former owners for years as a riding lesson horse despite partial blindness and hoof problems. We took in another unwanted mustang who needed a home and required serious hoof rehabilitation and we also took in a third, formerly wild, burro in need of a safe home. We fenced in an additional 3 acres and built a shelter so the burros have their own area now. We met someone who had found a stray Barbados ram and could not keep him, so he also joined us and is good company for our little, old pot-bellied pig.

In addition to our permanent residents, we saved, fostered and placed 3 dogs who were about to die at at local shelter and 2 dogs from a shelter in another state. We also coordinated the rescue of 6 other death row dogs, collecting donations, finding transport and foster homes or new homes for them.

We also administer several pages on Facebook that help share animal care info and advocate for animal welfare by helping to keep people informed of current issues.

Our friends and fans on Facebook and Twitter and those on our email lists know we relentlessly network animals at risk and in need of help. With our thousands of connections, we have helped saved dozens of animals in 2011 and we are honored to work in cooperation with many other selfless animal advocates and rescuers.

NONE of this could have been achieved without your friendship, financial support, cooperation and encouragement. We look forward to another year of helping innocent animals find homes and live the happy, safe lives they deserve whether here at our sanctuary or in other new homes.

Thank you!

Cathy & the Gang



Our new burrito!

3 of the sanctuary mustangs


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