March 14 th


Hello, Dali!

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As I typed “Hello, Dali”, I thought of Louie Armstrong…LOL…anyway, after losing Tara to cancer, we were left with space for another dog. Last week, I spent hours on trying to save several…2 older girls with health & temperament problems had been put to sleep by the time I saw them on Facebook and called the shelters. A young, beautiful & adoptable husky mix that we were “last resort” on, came down with parvo and was PTS. Two other dogs were we willing to take were adopted by others, including a husky in Florida that I and several others had spent a full day on; we  had everything in place to pull, foster and transport her, when someone I had asked to help us snatched her up and decided she would find her a home in Florida….which was OK, just a lot of time and emotion invested in all these dogs and it was heartbreaking to know 3 died.

On Saturday, my Fb friend  Jere urged me to consider a Shar Pei named  “Spice” who had been rescued from the notorious Devore shelter in Los Angeles in December and had been in boarding since then. She had been to numerous adoption events with no luck. She was getting depressed and losing weight. We said OK.

I emailed my transporter friend in Las Vegas. David had one day free- Monday, then would be tied up for weeks. He offered to run to Los Angeles, get her, bring her to Kingman and then have to get home to Vegas all in one day. He also gave a very reasonable bid to do it. I met him in Kingman Monday evening.

Spice sounded too similar to Shyla and Liza (hard “I”‘s) so we renamed herDali (Dah-lee) which is the region in China where Shar Peis originated very long ago.  Dali is a bone-mouth Shar Pei, meaning the old, original type with less wrinkle than the more modern type.

Dali also is Chinese for “vigorous”. She is having to live in the isolation pen for awhile while she out-gasses chemicals which I react to. I gave her a bath today as it was warm enough outdoors, but she still has chemicals on her and in her. I am taking her for 2 long walks every day and feeding her 3 meals of low-allergen food. She is very smart and very sweet.

We want to thank Animal Wellness Magazine for allowing us to reprint this article. Animal Wellness is a great resource to help you take better care of your animals through a holistic approach.

Reprinted with permission of Animal Wellness Magazine, © 2009

Hello, Dali!






UPDATE- Dali has a tumor.. Shortly after arriving this week, I saw a tumor on the inside of Dali’s right elbow. Shar peis are prone to mast cell tumors (often cancerous) and also benign histiocytomas. JERAS will cover exam, needle aspiration and complete blood work on March 19 (my birthday). JERAS and the people who originally rescued her and had her the past 3 months want to save her. A lot depends on what happens during the vet appt., but most of us want to try to give her a chance. Regardless of the type of tumor, it needs to come off and a sample sent out for biopsy. We have created a Chipin for her.

Should matters look hopeless on Monday, donations will be returned, but let’s all start praying for good news, a favorable prognosis and a go ahead with surgery. Thank you.


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