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JERAS April 1, 2012 Newsletter

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Here is the JERAS April 1, 2012 Newsletter.

March was a very busy month here. We took in a shar pei from a California rescue group. Unfortunately, she did not get along with some of our dogs, but we did find a tumor on her leg that no one else had seen and we helped sort out her digestive problems with a low allergen diet.  The group in California helped us raise funds for her needed surgery and she was adopted by Pam and Glen Boren who run a 501(c)3 rescue in the Phoenix area. She had surgery a week ago and s thriving in her new home. Thank you to everyone who helped  Dali (Spice) on her journey to wellness & and new life!

Dali the shar pei

Then, our local animal control asked us to take in an Australian cattle dog/beagle mix or she was going to be put to sleep that very day due to lack of kennel space. We named her Pippy Longstocking. She is a great dog, but I was reacting very badly to chemicals in or on her and we sent out a plea to find her a home. Our friend & supporter, Billie, found a local doctor who was looking for another dog and who is an animal advocate. Pippy now has a new home with her and she will be living with 3 other dogs, including 2 young Labradors, which she should enjoy playing with. Her new Mom has already gotten her spayed, too.

Pippy Longstocking

Our networking was directly responsible for saving 3 other dogs from our local animal control and several other dogs and several horses in the past few weeks. Cultivating the right animal rescue connections and taking the time to contact them pays off in lives saved.

The horses just love their new shelter and I love the hay storage shed. Many thanks to the  Pepsi Refresh Project grant and to all who supported JERAS in the month of voting in Jan.


hay shed

For safety’s sake, I added sheets of OSB to the inside of the horse shelter, to prevent a possible  injury  from a horse kicking through the steel siding.

Esperanza is really huge now and we can’t wait for her to foal, but she seems to be biding her time. Nina has gotten very bold and friendly. Both of them were rescued from the notorious Dennis Chavez who sells 500 American horses a month to cruel Mexican slaughterhouses. Our friends, Edgewood Longears Safehouse in New Mexico has gotten 40 burros out of his “feedlot” so far. Animal’s Angels just did an investigation of the horrible conditions there. http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/animals-angels-investigation-the-dennis-chavez-slaughter-horse-feedlot-innew-mexico/


Nina and Esperanza

What a wonderful surprise to get the mail and see the gorgeous portrait Susan Monty did for us in honor of Tara. It is greatly appreciated and makes me feel as if Tara is still here with us. http://www.susanmonty.com/

Tara, by Susan Monty

Our friend, Mary Anne, got some great photos of the wild Cerbat mustangs who live near here. They carry a lot of early Spanish blood and the BLM does not round them up, due to mountain lion predation which keeps their numbers down. We are blessed to have these healthy & happy wild horses as our neighbors.

Roan Cerbat stallion


Cerbat mare and foal


Grey Cerbat stallion and mare

JERAS just had  our kennel permit renewed by Mohave County. http://www.jersanctuary.org/2012/04/jeras-2012-kennel-license/

Knickers is doing great. He has put on all the weight he needs and is muscling up from all the walking and playing he does. He often leaps into the air and kicks out his back feet as he is airborne, just like a capriole done by the Lipizzaners.  He is wearing his hooves himself and will require very little hoof trimming from now on. He is an inspiration to many of us with his ability to survive, recover and be so enthusiastic about his new life.


We have loads of videos on Youtube. Please visit us there. Our Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/wetarez?feature=mhee

Finally, we need to raise enough funds to buy hay for the next 3 months, plus enough to get a semi-load this summer, which will save us at least $300 a month by buying in bulk. This combined amount, which will get us through to summer of 2013, is a whopping $10,000. Hay exports are on the rise and we are competing with Asia and the Middle East. Our prices here in Az. have almost doubled in the past year.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and badly needed. Once again, we will randomly pick donors to receive gifts of artwork, collectibles and also another Equi- Spirit ball ( horse toy) from Lisa & Kenny Williams.

You can donate by sending directly to our email address via Paypal, or by going to our donate page or by donating through our new Global Giving fundraising page. If we get $4,000 through Global Giving, our project will receive permanent status.


Our hay funds from last fall were depleted by March. We have received an extremely generous donation of $1,000 towards hay and the Pepsi grant will include $1,000 for hay… so we need to come up with another $8,000. Thank you all so much for your  past support and please help make this a successful hay drive. JERAS only exists because of our wonderful supporters!

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  1. Morgan Griffith says:

    Love the look on Esparanza’s face–seen the same look on many a pregnant lady toward the end.

    So Knickers fancies himself quite the dancing athlete–as long as those hooves only contact the wind! Glad he’s doing his own pedicure, best for all involved 🙂

  2. Kathleen Green says:

    Just loved the newsletter. Always do. Catherine, you are
    truly a blessing.

  3. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Morgan and Kathleen! I am giving Knickers’ hind feet the wide berth they deserve.LOL. Esperanza does have that knowing look about her… I am sure she has done this before, living in the wild. Support and encouragement from people like you keep us going here!

  4. kathy obryan says:

    great newsletter – will be fun to see the the baby Burro!

  5. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Yes, and I have discovered that pregnant burros are like “watched kettles”… the more you watch, the longer it takes to “boil”. LOL.

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