September 20 th



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JERAS will be a $20K recipient in the CHASE CONTEST!

THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for voting and sharing!

JERAS took in 2 old dogs, 3 old horses, a very wild mustang, & 4 formerly wild burros since January & also had a baby burro born here…. we really could not afford to, but we took a leap of faith. With all of your voting help, these 30 animals now have some security for awhile.

Now we can pay off some hay debt and buy feed to get us through the winter, cover yearly vet visit/lab/facility inspection costs, get liability insurance put anything leftover in the bank… well, we may need a new laptop, this one is 3 years old, & I think we have worn it out, it is acting up.

We will still be depending on our donors to enable us to provide continuing care for our animals in the long run and we appreciate your generosity!

JERAS and I am overwhelmingly grateful to our supporters and to Chase Community Giving!

Cathy & the Gang at JERAS

Esperanza & newborn Florencia in late June

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