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JERAS November 2, 2012 Newsletter

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JERAS November 2, 2012 Newsletter

The past month was very busy with caring for  the sanctuary animals and networking and helping to save several dogs from county shelters by alerting breed rescues about them. By telling Phoenix area rescues about them, we initiated the rescue of a border collie, a beagle and a smooth collie.

Our weather has been very warm still. Wilbur is still taking his daily mud bath, which he usually no longer wants after September.

Pepito and Sam really enjoy playing and we are so glad we offered Sam a home after his owner passed away. Despite their rough play, they share their lunchtime pan of pellets and supplements.



Our vet was out to do the yearly inspection in order for us to renew our Equine Rescue License with the Az. Dep. of Agriculture. He also drew blood from 7 dogs to check their thyroid levels, since  they are on thyroxine. Thyroid disease is an epidemic in dogs now.

We received a large donation of PowerStance which the horses & burros love. They really clean up their feed pans now. It is a powdered coconut oil which is a healthy fat and good for their digestive systems, too.   We are most grateful!

Lunchtime Lineup

We were thrilled to receive a $2,500.. hay grant from ASPCA as our hay funds were almost depleted. Thank you, ASPCA!

Yay, Hay !

You can also help by visiting out Affiliates page to see how you can support us and save money yourselves. The Holidays are coming, and Benefit Wines are a great way to celebrate. They are vegan-friendly, too. BENEFIT WINES-

Here are a few other Holiday ideas-

Red Desert Violin. Take online violin or fiddle classes and we get a large %!

Suzuki Violin Book 1 Class:

Beginner’s Fiddle Class:

Baskets, Gifts and Flowers–   use promo code “JERAS” at checkout

Susan Monty-
I will donate a portion of all sales of these mustang paintings, cards, and prints to Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary (
Sue Steiner-    Sue is the creator of Save A Face Project Helping Rescues.
Furever Rescued  Calendars- Hey Journey’s End Ranch! it’s time to start selling the calendars!!! be sure to let people know to go to and choose AZ – Journey’s End Ranch. they are all listed by state first.


Children’s books which teach compassion
I have written 2 children’s books on animal issues. I will donate $1.00 for each book sold to Journey’s End Ranch if you mention them when ordering. Linda Spitzer Moser
We are awaiting the arrival of a 23 year old mustang who who taken from an abusive home last month by Riverside County authorities in Ca.  We are calling him “Warrior” and he is safe at our friend Christine Griffin’s while we await transportation to JERAS. Christine is a mustang expert and an certified Equine Dental Tech. She is taking good care of him and even did his teeth.

Warrior, the mustang


The horses and burros are enjoying the balmy weather
We have had some great skies lately, too.

Sunrise Nov. 2

Carson is doing well, with the help of adrenal and thyroid medications and good food and supplements.


Florencia is now 4 months old and is growing fast.

Florencia eating with the big girls


We had an abrupt mailing address change. Out new mailing address is

3085 East Prairie Hill Rd. Kingman, Az. 86409

Once again, thank you for your support and friendship!

Cathy & the Gang at JERAS


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  1. dawn says:

    had my crazy dog tested for thyroid as he’s aggressive with food and toys and he’s fine – just crazy! So I’m keeping him on prozac.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    If all he did was a TSH and T4, they are NOT accurate. you need a full panel with…. even then, I have 2 that tested low normal and giving them a small dose to bring them into the higher end of normal fixed the behavioral problems.

  3. Puller Lanigan says:

    @Dawn, ‘resource guarding’ is not affected by Thyroid levels. What Cathy says is true, Jean Dodds recommends the full Thyroid panel. But if your dog has guarding issues, then Prozac is the way to go. Does it help? Some?

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    I disagree! An animal HAS EVERY RIGHT to guard his resources… humans who will not let animals be animals need the psych meds.

  5. Trish Ranstrom says:

    Pepito and Sam are like two pre-teen BFF’s having a ticklefest, so funny. Most precious are the “adults” (mustangs)looks of disdain!
    Thanks again for making videos, it is such a pleasure to get to watch your world.

  6. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Hi, Trish! Thank you so much…love sharing! I am so glad they get along so well… go to our current blog to see the mustangs playing the other day..they were really fired up with the cool weather & wind.

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