March 12 th


Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary March 12, 2013 Newsletter

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We decided to send a mid month newsletter in order to share some good news. Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary March 12, 2013 Newsletter.

We received word from Great Nonprofits that JERAS has been selected as one of the nonprofits highlighted in Huffington Post’s Top Local Nonprofit of the Month campaign. You can go to this link and vote for us. Right now, we are in 2nd place. This is a great honor and also brings us into the national spotlight.

Honey, the senior chow chow mix is doing great. It ended up she was actually subclinical hypothyroid and putting her on a very low dose of thyroxine has made her more alert, happier and friendly towards all dogs and even strange people. She had a life long history of “aggression” towards dogs and especially towards people, even in her own family of 9 years. She spent 2 years at another sanctuary before joining us a month ago. We also have weaned her off the Elavil (antidepressant drug) she had been on for four years. It was not helping her and can have serious side effects, too.

Honey enjoying a chewie

Carson’s carnassial tooth abscess has responded well to antibiotics and he will stay on them long term, as his age, health issues and temperament towards strangers makes dental surgery impossible. He is feeling very well lately.




Please vote for Carson so he can be featured on the Furever Rescued calendar! You must “like” their Facebook page in order to vote. You can vote once. He has been in 10th place and needs to stay in the top 12 to be in the calendar in 2014.     Here is the link:


Big Rusty, the old Arabian, and Warrior, the old mustang, have had 2 sessions of massage and body work in the past 2 weeks. Both are feeling much better. The really great news is that Rusty is now spending much more time eating and is gaining weight. His former caretaker of 12 years could never get weight on him. When he arrived here last year, we immediately noticed he was not comfortable and seems to have an old back injury. Anne, the body worker, said his neck and shoulder were so bad that it probably hurt him to lower his head to eat. He seems more comfortable over all and even has been lying down and rolling… something he never wanted to do in the past.

Big Rusty soon after arrival

All the horses and burros have been frisky lately and we caught some video of Florencia and Julio playing

We will soon be out of hay and are considering switching to feeding two meals a day of hay cubes and one meal of hay. There is a company in Az. whose cube prices are comparable to hay prices and storage and handling are easier, plus there is no waste. A 22 ton semi load would last us 10 months and cost about $8,000. delivered…

We have two new affiliates.

Horse Treats, tell them JERAS sent you…


Equine Wellness Magazine is a terrific resource for info on keeping your equines healthy & happy. Please enter our rescue code when ordering. Thank you!

Animal Wellness is the sister magazine for dogs and cat health.   Be sure to enter our rescue code (below). Thank you!


Easter is coming and you might want to try some great wine and fudge.

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Thank you for your support!


Cathy & the Gang

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  1. Jeannie Parisi says:

    So good to see all is going well and hoping Carson wins, that cutie pie

  2. Jeannie Parisi says:

    Oh and Happy early Birthday

  3. jackie says:

    Am so glad that Carson and Honey are on the mend, and the 2 seniors Warrior and Rusty and getting less ‘creaky’, won’t be long before they are doing the Mustang race with the girls and Scout. Thank you for all you do, we at Picked on Pony Farm think you are very special. Love to all

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    thank you, Jeannie & Jackie!

  5. Sharon Jacobs-Salinas says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! The Huffington Post is a HUGE media conglomerate; how exciting to be mentioned in their worldwide newspaper! ROOTING FOR JERAS !! Okay, so Jeannie mentioned ‘HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY’… give it up, Cathy…what’s the DATE??? I’ve lost you on FB so can’t find it out there. Maybe Jeannie will emial it to me. Although I’d rather get an email from you and you need to post it here, too!
    GOOD LUCK ~ GOOD KARMA Hugs to You and ‘The Gang’…Sharon

  6. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    I was 59 on the 19th. Thank you!!!

  7. Sharon Jacobs-Salinas says:

    WOO-HOO! HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, my cherished friend ♥ ♥ !! I wrote a review on JERAS in GREAT Nonprofits 🙂 Love ya bunches…and ‘The Gang’ 🙂

  8. Margie says:

    If you want a real treat get the fudge from Zara May. It is incredibly rich.

  9. cathy ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Sharon! Love you!

  10. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Margie!

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