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Journey’s End Ranch January 6, 2014 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch January 6, 2014 Newsletter


We hope you had a nice Christmas. Thanks to everyone who sent us cards and also donations.

We lost our little potbellied pig, Wilbur, on Dec. 19. He was 14 years old and had been showing his age and slowing down. He refused his lunch that day and just lied down quietly an hour later and passed without a struggle. I buried him in his down comforter that someone had given him. His passing left a big void and we contacted Windy’s Rescue in Las Vegas to see if they might have two pigs who were “less adoptable” and who would get along with each other. Janice was excited to tell us about Benton (8) and Carter (2). They are two neutered males who are bonded. Benton has some fear issues and Windy’s thought both would have to stay there forever. They brought them down to us on Dec. 29 and they have settled in quickly. They are both very smart and active. Wilbur was a very small pig and the doghouses we have were not really roomy enough for the new boys, so I built two  piggy houses out of plywood. I also built a new enclosure for Rambeau, the Barbados sheep. It is larger and he is surrounded by horses, which makes him happy.

Carter (left) and Benton

Carter (left) and Benton


Benton snuggled into his new house







Here is some video of the pigs and mustangs.

I used my Christmas money from my Dad to get a new digital camera and a nice, lightweight circular saw. My old camera is 9 years old and falling apart and the new saw made building the pig houses much easier. In the past, I used my jigsaw to cut plywood and that is quite laborious.

All of the dogs, horses and burros are well. This month, Windy and Rene’ (the rodeo mustangs) have been here 4 years and Knickers (the 32 year old stallion) and Nina and Esperanza (the 2  burros who arrived pregnant) have been here 2 years. All have improved greatly, both physically and emotionally since arriving.


Rene’ and Windy



We are in another contest to win $500 and we are leading as of today. You can vote daily through January and you can also Tweet for an extra vote and take surveys for up to 5 extra votes.  We did not receive any grants in 2013 and we lost some donors due to the economy. Please help us win this money, as our feed bill alone is now about $1700 a month to feed 33 animals.

Please vote for Journeys End Ranch Animal Sanctuary DAILY in January so we can win $500 to feed our 33 animals. THANK YOU!

You can also take SURVEYS and get extra votes!

Receive 1 bonus vote for Tweeting the name of your rescue to @rs271404 and by following @rs271404 on Twitter.
Cathy & the Gang at JERAS
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  1. Lisa Koehl says:

    Awww Benton and Carter…welcome to yer new home xoxo
    Thanks A.B. Love you and the whole AZ family 🙂
    RIP sweet Wilbur :'(

  2. cathy ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Lisa! <3 you!

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