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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Sept. 3, 2014 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Sept. 3, 2014 Newsletter Matching funds. We have a supporter who has offered to match funds on the first $1000 donated to hay funds. Please consider helping! Your donation will be doubled!  We have $635.00 so far. It costs us about $1500 a month for hay, pellets & supplements for our 19 horses and burros. The burro shelter went up a month ago, thanks to an ASPCA grant. We had a hot August with a few monsoonal rain storms and the burros were very happy to have it.

Update. We have reached our $1000. but hay drive continues, as we spend almost $1000 a month on hay.


9/11 – We save lots of $$ and the horses and burros get better trims than local “farriers” can do by me doing the hoof trimming. I trimmed 7 horses since Monday, a savings of $350. We practice proper feeding and management and have very few vet bills. Most of the donations we receive go to feeding. I pay the utilities and provide the facilities at no cost to the sanctuary and I myself do not get paid.


Burro shelter. Thanks to ASPCA!

Burro shelter. Thanks to ASPCA!

Burros on the loose. We also had season grass grow because of the rains. We let the burros out every day to graze about 8 additional acres. Our entire perimeter is fenced with electric wire which allowed us to do this. The burros have pretty much mowed it all, but are still enjoying looking for anything new that sprouts up. They are also eating some mesquite, despite the thorns.

burros going "walkabout"

burros going “walkabout”


Pepito eating mesquite

We have had some spectacular sunsets, too.



The hot weather has everyone seeking water. We have a few local coyotes who come for a drink. DSCF0619


BLM continues to capture more wild horses, despite having >50,000 in holding now. Unfortunately, most are not adopted. Many that are adopted out end up injured and abused. Eventually, many end up shipping to slaughter. The lucky ones get good homes or end up in sanctuaries like ours. Mariah came here in March of 2004 at the age of 11 months. She was captured and orphaned at 5 months old. BLM told me that her herd had been chased 12 miles by helicopter and she arrived in the capture corral without her mother. She has joint damage and emotional scars that are permanent. However, she has a new family here and enjoys her captive life as much as possible.



Rattlesnakes! I have only seen two this summer, but we have local friends whose animals have had run ins with rattlers this year. Unfortunately, one lost a donkey and one lost their little, old chihuahua. We have diamondbacks, but we also have Mohave rattlers, which have a neurotoxin and are much more dangerous. There are many things which affect the outcome of a bite, such as the amount of venom injected, location of bite, species, size and age of the bite victim and treatment received. Sometimes, it’s too late by the time the bite is discovered. JERAS has dealt with a burro, horse and 5 dogs bitten over the past 8 years. We have dexamethasone on hand and use it and long acting penicillin. We also discovered that a Lyme detox remedy I personally use seems to detox snake venom. See

What breed is that? I try to use my spare time for advocating for animals and networking animals in need. Lately, it seems a lot of dogs posted on Facebook are incorrectly labeled as far as probable breed. This makes it hard for breed specific rescue groups to find them on internet searches. Anytime I see a purebred or even part bred, I try to post them to the appropriate Facebook pages/groups and I often Google search for rescues that help that breed in the state in which they are located. It may come as a surprise, but most shelters do not contact breed rescues and often purebred dogs die just because no one took the effort to contact the right rescue group. This really bothers me, so I try to do what I can. Just in the past week, I found a dalmatian called a pit bull and an elkhound called a keeshond. By contacting the right breed rescues,  both were saved.

We have a new artist supporting us.  Cathy Deleree creates some beautiful & unique art and is donating much of the proceeds to us if you mention us when ordering. Vivid print made from one of Cathy’s Original paintings. This 1930s dictionary page has new life filled with colorful crisp ink upon aged paper…. adding that ‘Old Soul’ feel. This image was professionally printed onto the vintage page,allowing the words show through.Each print unique, always interesting where the words and graphics end up beneath the printed image. The vintage paper shows slight age.All prints will arrive signed by Cathy DeLeRee.Your art will be protected with an acid free board,under an archival clear sleeve for protection. Measures approximately 8″ x 11″ Cathy’s work is in the Newman Gallery in Prescott and Rio Rico Haciena near Tucson. Prints are $10.00 and Cathy is donating to a generous % to us! Add $2.50 for shipping, which covers multiple prints. to order,

or email

Art by Cathy Deleree

Art by Cathy Deleree


Art by Cathy Deleree

Art by Cathy Deleree


Thank you for your support! . Love, Cathy & the Gang

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  1. jackie says:

    Thank you for all you do for your charges and also for keeping us informed on useful titbits. Please take care of yourself, you are very important to all 4 and 2 legged creatures that know you and love you

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    I am taking care of myself as well as I can, but battling Mother Thank you, love you, Jackie.

  3. Sharon Jacobs-Salinas says:

    Sounds like the Gang is doing well, which is wonderful. Seems Arizona is on the news daily with all the horrific flooding; so thankful you guys are far enough from the floods and safe, yet still getting some of the rain. I’m sure the Gang has enjoyed the occasional downpours!

    I love the two paintings you posted by Cathy DeLeRee. Her art and method is quite unique! I’m anxious to see more of her work.

    Take care of yourself, my cherished friend.

    Much Love & Many Hugs to you and the Gang!

  4. Cathy says:

    thank you, Sharon! The burros are loving the grass. Our roads are a mess, but our property drains well. Cathy has a lot of paintings on her website.

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