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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter April 9, 2017

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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter April 9, 2017

We had some crazy weather this past month, with a few severe wind storms and a dust storm.


The horses have been playful in the cool weather.

Poco has been singing up a storm.

Poco came up very lame on his “bad” foot 2 weeks ago. I had a hard time figuring out if it was an issue with his deformed foot or a sprained fetlock joint. We gave him an anti-inflammatory for a few days with no improvement, which indicated it was not his joint. Then a soft spot appeared at the hairline above his foot. Abscess! That explained the severe pain. Despite regular flushing with a disinfectant, the crack in his deformed foot sometimes allows bacteria to enter and cause an infection. We soaked him in epsom salt and iodine a few days and it broke open at the hairline. After draining & flushing for a few days, he healed up and was once again using that leg. He is such a trooper.

Abscess right before it opened up

Our Vice President, Bonnie, adopted one of the dogs rescued from a local hoarding situation. After the place was shut down, someone had adopted him 2 months ago, then dumped him at our local shelter. He had already endured at least 7 years of living neglected and outdoors with the hoarder who had > 250 dogs & cats. He is 9 years old and just now learning how to live in a home, get daily walks and good care. She has named him Toby.


We have a few gopher snakes cruising around. Since they compete with rattlers, we are glad to have them.

gopher snake

Our contest winnings covered a semi load of beautiful new hay. We got half delivered yesterday and the other half will be here in a few weeks.
Thank you for your votes!

Hooray! New hay!

On a personal note- I had barely been able to breathe or walk for months. I already take 3 meds for reactive airway disease and Lyme arthritis is something I just live with. Mold exposures make my legs wobbly.I thought I was just getting much worse. Thankfully, I did some research and discovered the weird rash I had in Dec. was a very distinctive Valley Fever rash. Valley Fever is a fungal infection caused by spores found in the desert soil. It affects the lungs, joints and any other organs and can be fatal. I started taking an anti-fungal and nebulizing a few different anti-microbial substances that I tolerate. I had some immediate improvement, but then started going downhill again in a few weeks. I then suspected a secondary bacterial pneumonia. I started Keflex and had immediate improvement. So, I had been walking around with double pneumonia for months. With my severe chemical sensitivities, I cannot go in to the hospital for tests or scans, so I am on my own. I also must be careful with any drugs, because my liver cannot detoxify many of them well. Another interesting thing is that the chronic heart pain I have had for 4 years went away. I read that Keflex is used for bacterial endocarditis, so I probably had an infection in my heart, too. At any rate, I am optimistic now, though still very ill. It goes to show we must never give up & must always keep looking for answers.

Thank you for your support.

Cathy & The Gang

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