October 11 th


Journey’s End Ranch Oct.11, 2017 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch October 11, 2017 Newsletter

Our weather has finally cooled off and everyone is grateful.

Red, a 23 year old mustang, arrived 3 years ago. He had been cooped up in a small pen for 4 years and this was his first day turned out in 2014.

We took in a 3 year old New Zealand rabbit who needed a home because the owners are moving. He had lived in a 2 X 2 foot hutch and is very happy now with a cage 4 times as big and also a pen on the ground to play in for at least 3 hours a day. We have renamed him “Scooter.” He had also been eating a grain based horse pellet for a few months because someone had given a bag of it to his owner and said it was rabbit food. He’s lucky to have survived, as rabbits need a hay-based pellet or hay.

I came up from feeding a few days ago to find a ring-necked dove with a broken wing near my door. The injury appears to be in the “wrist” joint and the prognosis for wing injuries healing well enough for birds to be released is poor. I taped it against the dove’s body and hope maybe the joint will fuse or that the wing will at least not be dragging after 2 weeks of the tape. They are actually domesticated doves that are feral. We can give it an outdoor enclosure if it needs to stay in captivity.

injured dove


We  had a rather strange shrike pecking at the windows and following me around for a week. They are pretty birds, but a predator who eat other small birds.


The horses and burros are all well  and have grown winter coats already.

Scout & Cheyenne mutual grooming

Our 9 year old laptop gave out. We had gotten $300 from my insurance due to the newer computer getting hit by lightening, so we put it towards a new Mac Book Air laptop.

We had a beautiful sunrise today, but it was due to smoke drifting this way from the devastating fires in California. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people and animals affected.

sunrise Oct. 11

Thank you for your support!


Cathy & the Gang

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  1. Christine Mehling says:

    Thanks Cathy for all you do – clearly “the word is out” in the animal kingdom that you are the “kind woman” to whom all can come for help and care.

  2. Judy Torgerson says:

    As usual, loved your newsletter, Cathy!

    Love, Judy

  3. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Chris! I think maybe the shrike wanted me to feed the sparrows so he could try & eat one. Very happy for the bunny, though. He is thrilled with his living arrangements here & his joy is contagious.

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Judy.
    Love you

  5. Kathryn Szydlowski says:

    God Bless You Cathy. I have never known anyone like you. The love and kindness and sacrifice you display for our fellow creatures. It is indeed heartening. I hope you are not in danger of fire? Unreal what is happening in Napa Sonoma Santa Rosa area. Heartbreaking.
    I so enjoy the videos you send. Wonderful and always bring a smile. I have the glossy you sent (about 2 weeks ago) displayed on my refrigerator door ;0) Take care, Kathryn, Ollie and Marco ;0)

  6. Dear Cathy,

    I really enjoy your videos and, your narration. This was especially gratifying to see “Red” enjoying the best freedom you can provide, the adorable bunny whom you gave better housing to, your saving and mending the insured dove, and of course I loved the cute rats. Thank you for being a knowledgeable competent, caring friend to all creatures.
    You are correct about the wild mustangs–they are robbed of their family bands, and their precious freedom, by an uncaring, sadistic Bureau of Land Management that caters to all the ranchers who resent the horses eating their small percentage of range grass.

  7. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you so much. Totally agree re: the wild horses. It is time for public lands ranching to end/

  8. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Kathryn, & thank you for your support. My heart is breaking for California, I lived in N. Ca. 1978-93. We are safe here because all we have is low brush and a fire would blow right through. The areas where the horses and burros are have been eaten down a lot, so they are safe. My house is concrete, metal & glass, so not really flammable. <3

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