In Memory of Carson


This is from Carson’s old webpage.

I  first saw Carson on Facebook in May, 2010. He had been found a stray and was at  a southern California shelter for 2 weeks already. He was about 8 years old. Most of his teeth were worn to nubs. He was in horrible condition. Everyone was commenting, but no one wanted an old, half-bald dog. With the help of a few Facebook friends and some donations, we were able to adopt him and get lab work done. The lab confirmed my suspicion that he was low thyroid. He was also emaciated, anemic, had a lung infection, stuffy nose, draining leg wounds and an injured carpus (wrist) and resulting limp. Another volunteer brought him to Az. He improved immensely on thyroid medicine, good food, supplements and he even tolerated his splint for 6 weeks. He finally could walk without constant pain. In the first 2 weeks, he gained about 6 pounds, eating four meals a day. The other dogs love him. His wrinkled skin tells us he is part shar pei. Carson acts as if he were abused and used to be difficult to treat and restrain, but he is very lovable otherwise. Over time, he has become much easier to treat as he is now trusting me much more. We also discovered he has low adrenal function and  the addition of adrenal support has helped him to relax.

Carson is no longer lame, his skin infection has cleared up with repeated baths and anti-fungal medication, and he has gained 15 pounds. He loves to eat, chew his treats and go for walks. He acts very silly after having a bath, as you can see in the picture. He actually has a skin condition called Acanthosis nigricans. The itching and seborrhea are gone now.  Carson is a great example of how almost no animal is a hopeless case. He loves every minute of his new life and brings laughter and joy to our home. See him on Youtube!



Carson spring 2014

Carson left us in June 2014. He had been here exactly four years. I had nursed him through Addison’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, injuries and abscesses- all without seeing the vet, because he was so aggressive towards anyone but me. Years of abuse had taken their toll. However, he was my best buddy and the most inspiring being I have ever known in my life. He was very intelligent, very loyal, and very protective of me. He truly had a sense of humor. He had been abused and had buttons you did not want to push and he demanded respect. He had survived against all odds. He had an indomitable spirit and a real passion for life. He was, as I always told him, the “bestest dog that ever lived”. At least, for me, he was. He will always be remembered and loved. Thank you, Carson.

Susan Monty did a gorgeous portrait of Carson as a gift to me. She has captured his essence and I am very grateful. He was my “dog of a lifetime” and my soulmate. Susan is also a JERAS supporter. Please visit her artwork at

Carson by Susan Monty

Carson by Susan Monty

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